Good Prevention is Better Than Great Insurance


We’ve all had similar dental experiences. You arrive at your regular 6 month dental appointment. The assistant takes a few x-rays and makes small talk, then eventually the dentist walks in, typically in a hurry and not too interested in what you have to say. He pulls up some x-rays, points to a few dark spots and says, “looks like you have a few cavities, Stacy will get you scheduled”. He gets up and dismisses himself, you notice he never called you by name and didn’t give you much of a chance to ask any questions, leaving you feeling a little uneasy about getting the dental work done. As you drive home, you think to yourself, “My teeth seem ok, he said the x-ray had dark spots, but its black and white, there are dark spots everywhere.”

At Deering Dental Dr. Yenile Y. Pinto DDS and her team know that we are here for you. That’s why we make you an involved part of the process. We will take the time to get to know you and your unique needs and through the use of some amazing technology such as 3D scans, infrared cavity detection and high resolution photography, we make it possible for you to see and understand exactly what Dr. Pinto sees. By the end of your appointment our goal is for you to have a clear understanding of any issues we find, what your options are and what steps you can take to address these issues and prevent new problems from forming. You are an integral part of the process, helping us each step of the way to better assist you in meeting your needs and goals.

Your mouth is a lot like your car, if you take care it, change your oil and do the regularly scheduled maintenance, it will give you years of cheap reliable service. On the other hand, if you abuse and neglect it, you are most likely in for some very expensive repairs in the near future.

Preventative care such as brushing, flossing and keeping your regularly scheduled dental visits is the cornerstone of good oral health and can literally save you tens of thousands of dollars in future treatment.