Embarrassed by yellow or stained teeth?

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It’s natural for teeth to yellow with age, as enamel thins and becomes more translucent, allowing the yellowish dentin to peek through.  The modern diet also has a role to play in discoloration.  Staining agents in coffee, tea, soda, and wine are common culprits, as are chemicals found in foods and beverages.  The use of tobacco products is also a major contributor to staining.

Discoloration isn’t always within your control.  Sometimes heredity, trauma, illness, or the use of certain medications can cause tooth discoloration.  In the end, however, the cause is not as important as the cure, and if you want whiter, brighter teeth, the services of a qualified South Miami dentist are the solution.  With the advanced teeth whitening procedures offered at Deering Dental, you can enjoy the youthful smile you prefer in very little time.

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Whether years of drinking coffee have caught up with you or you’ve suffered a trauma that requires the services of an emergency dentist Miami, Florida, the outcome may be the same – teeth that are yellow or otherwise discolored.  This can cause you significant self-esteem issues and even stop you from smiling.

When you celebrate major life events like graduation, marriage, the birth of a child, or even birthdays or other family events, do you want to be the only one in photos not smiling because of your yellow or stained teeth?  How do you think you’ll fare in job interviews when you can’t show your confidence and personality through your smile?

Discoloration does not have to put a damper on your life, make you appear dour or disinterested, or ruin every photo.  With targeted treatment using the advanced KöR professional whitening system, administered by the qualified professionals at Deering Dental, you’ll soon have the gleaming, white smile that enhances your appearance and lets your personality shine through.

The KöR Professional Whitening System

KöR® Whitening (logo)What is the KöR professional whitening system and what makes it superior to other methods of teeth whitening?  This gel system is unique in that it can not only whiten stained or discolored teeth up to 16 shades or more, but it’s also the only system that can treat stubborn tetracycline stains, which normally require more intensive treatment like bonding or veneers to hide.

The secret is that KöR whitening gel is kept refrigerated from the moment it is produced until you use it, ensuring you always enjoy the full strength of the product.  Special bleaching trays fit snugly to prevent contamination of bleaching gel during use, and the product is formulated to cause little or no sensitivity, unlike traditional bleaching products.

You can either seek in-office treatment or opt for take-home products, but the professionals at Deering Dental recommend a combination of treatments for the best possible results.  With periodic touch-ups using personalized trays, you can maintain your white smile indefinitely.  When you team up with the best cosmetic dentist Miami at Deering Dental, you’ll get the effective and convenient dental whitening services you deserve.

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