At Deering Dental, located just 5 minutes from Pinecrest, we have invested in the latest technology because we know our patients expect the best.

    • Digital X-Ray (up to 90% less radiation than conventional x-ray)


    • Intra-oral cameras (lets you see what your dentist sees so that you’ll feel confident and informed about your treatment options)


    • 3D scanner (means no more impressions and mouth full of goop.)


    • Infrared cavity detection, (allows for ultra early detection of tooth decay so that we can treat issues while they are still minor.)


    • All digital office (we run more efficiently so that your visit runs on time and smoothly)


    • Encrypted Online forms (fill out your paper work at your convenience)


    • In room Entertainment System -Choose from a selection of movies, tv shows and music streaming from our hi-def televisions and amazing sound from our Bose headphones- you will almost forget you are at the dentist .


    • Hospital Grade Sterilization-At our Palmetto Bay, Fl dental practice, we have an unwavering commitment to patient safety by utilizing sterilization techniques and protocols that exceed the regulations for dental practices.


    • Dental Vibe: this new tool is the secret to our painless injection technique.