All fillings are the same right?  Not Even Close!

If you have teeth that are suffering from mild to moderate decay, a filling may be the ideal treatment option to restore your tooth and prevent further damage from occurring, but not all fillings are created equal.  Just like when making repairs on your home, there’s a big difference between a well done repair and just slapping duct tape on something to hold it together. At Deering Dental, we don’t just repair teeth, we restore them.


We accomplish this through a unique approach to dentistry that Deering Dental is the first to offer in Miami-Dade County and it’s called Biomimetic dentistry. Biomimetic dentistry is a conservative approach that focuses on preserving as much of your natural tooth structure as possible and than restoring what can not be saved in a manner that closely mimics your tooth’s natural properties, leaving you with a tooth that isn’t just repaired, but restored back to as close to its natural state as possible.


Though they may look similar to each other, the differences between a standard filling and a Biomimetic filling are huge once you look past the surface.


With a standard filling, the dentist drills out decay and than fills the void with a blob of tooth colored composite material. This type of repair may look fine, but it has many shortcomings, such as shrinkage, poor adhesion, increased sensitivity after treatment and a high likelihood of additional dental work such as a root canal and crown being needed in the future.


At Deering Dental, Dr. Yenile Y. Pinto and her team will take the time to make sure your filling is done correctly and will last many years. In fact, studies have shown that Biomimetic fillings regularly last 300% longer than standard fillings, which is why we are the only practice in town that guarantees fillings for 5 years!


Did you know that at just five years old, many standard fillings already begin to show signs of failure such as cracking, leaking and bacterial infiltration?


Dr. Pinto and her team can guarantee your dental work and achieve these amazing results by using materials that mimic the density and structure of your natural teeth, along with specialized techniques to layer that material with high tech bonding agents and a unique curing process that creates fillings with superior bonding strength and structural integrity.  If you would like dentistry that is more natural, longer lasting and will save you thousands in costly future dental work, call us today and learn how Biomimetic dentistry can help you.

We are conveniently located in the heart of Palmetto Bay near Pinecrest and Cutler Bay.


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