If you’re like me, you probably love those home remodeling shows. The way they take a house and personalize it in order to turn it into the owner’s perfect dream home is just fascinating to me. Sometimes it’s a simple coat of paint and new furniture, other times it’s a complete remodel where nearly everything is restored from the ground up. In some ways it’s vary similar to dentistry and maybe that’s why I love those shows so much.

Instead of paint I use whitening solution and instead of a new facade I use veneers or crowns, but at the end of the day, the goal is the same. To take what you have and turn it into what you want. The process is even very similar to those home shows. When you make a reservation for a smile consult at Deering Dental, your dental assistant will take several pictures, x-rays and perform a digital 3D scan of your mouth that will be used to build a computer model. Once all the data is collected, you and I will have a conversation about what you’re not happy with, what your goals are and what is an ideal smile to you. I’ll help guide you through all your options including color, shade, shape, size and angle just like an architect or interior decorator would and once I’m clear on your ideal smile, I’ll take all that information to design several treatment options and create a digital example of what it will look like so that you can be confident that you will be getting “your” perfect smile.

If you’ve been considering a smile makeover, do yourself a favor and schedule a smile consult with me.  I look forward to speaking with you in person and helping you build your ideal smile. – Dr. Yenile Y. Pinto DDS


Want to know more about how you can attain “your” perfect smile? Keep reading below to learn about some of the options to get you the results you’re looking for.



Do you have chipped or misshapen teeth? Maybe your smile isn’t straight, but you just don’t want braces or you’re not the type of person who will wear their Invisalign trays everyday (like my husband). If any of that sounds like you, than veneers are a great option to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Veneers are a thin tooth shaped porcelain restorations that are bonded to the front of teeth just like acrylic nails or the hub caps on a car. This false porcelain facade is custom made to mach your existing natural teeth and can be designed to correct for chips, cracks, discoloration and angulation to help you achieve your desired results quickly in as little as two visits.



Whitening is in most cases the easiest, least expensive and most impactful cosmetic procedure you can do, literally taking years off your smile and restoring it back to that bright white smile you remember.

At Deering Dental I have tested many whitening systems over the years and have yet to find anything that comes close to the results I’ve seen with KoR. In fact I use KoR exclusively, because it is the only system I’ve found that consistently gives my patients the results they’re looking for with little to no sensitivity. If you would like to learn more about whitening, please click here



I absolutely love Invisalign. In fact, it’s one of my favorite things to work on with my patients. Unlike other treatments I offer, Invisalign is a truly interactive process, that really makes you part of it. Many people can benefit from orthodontic treatment. If you’re embarrassed by your crooked smile, Invisalign can help give you that straight ideal smile you’ve always wanted. If you’re concerned about aging, Invisalign can literally turn back the clock and return your smile to what it was years ago before the natural shifting and crowding of your teeth changed things. Even if you love your smile, Invisalign may be able to help you protect it long term and avoid additional dental work in the future. To learn more about how Invisalign can help you please Click Here.


If you’re suffering with broken or missing teeth, Implants can be great solution to restore your smile in a way that looks natural and feels natural. In fact, if you don’t say anything, no one will ever know they are not your real teeth, and unlike crowns and bridges, implants require no cutting into your other healthy teeth. If you think dental implants could be your solution, click here to learn more.

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