Save Money and Teeth with Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic Dentistry: More Natural, Longer Lasting and Less Expensive

If I told you about a Game-Changing Dental Care Phenomenon which is More Natural……Virtually Painless…AND Less Expensive.

Wouldn’t you ask, “Why doesn’t every dentist offer this?”

I’ve been asking myself the same thing!

For ages we dentists have inflicted painful, aggressive, and pricey treatments on our patients. That’s no secret.

But these ancient drill-and-fill practices destroy the natural structure, beauty, and health of your teeth…and often lead to even more tooth problems down the road.

But now there is a MUCH better way. It’s called biomimetic dentistry. This leading-edge process mimics your natural teeth, is virtually painless, is less expensive … and can actually prevent further decay and damage from arising!

In fact, dentists who practice biomimetic dentistry report a 90% reduction in root canals!

Less pain. Less expense. More natural. Better results.

It seems the days of drill-and-fill are over. Now that I know what’s possible with biomimetic dentistry, it feels unethical to offer anything else. I can never go back to the old ways. It’s what I would choose for my own family!

So, why don’t all dentists do this? Two big reasons.


  1. Drill-and-fill is what they still teach us in dental school. Very few dentists are up-to-speed on this game-changing process.


  1. Drill-and-fill is more expensive. Why recommend a new procedure if you can charge more for the old one?

Especially if your patients don’t know there’s a better way!

Well, I want you to know about…and receive…the very best dental care possible for you and your family. .


It’s why Deering Dental is the ONLY practice in Miami-Dade to offer biomimetic dentistry.


It’s just one more way that we put you, our patient, first.


To your best smile possible!


Dr. Yenile Y. Pinto DDS

Frequently asked questions:

Biomimetic dentistry is an entirely different approach to dentistry. Instead of the standard drill and fill philosophy, Biomimetic dentists take a preserve and restore approach that retains as much of your natural tooth structure as possible and prevents expensive additional treatment down the road. The amazing results are accomplished by the use of advanced bonding agents and materials and special techniques that create restorations with similar density and flexibility to your natural tooth. In fact a tooth restored using the Biomimetic approach has more than 90% of the strength and durability of a healthy untouched tooth.

Frequently asked questions:

Because Biomimetic restorations are made to mimic the natural biology of your teeth, they have a similar appearance, density and flexibility as a real tooth. This similarity and bio-compatibility mean that your final restoration will

-Look natural

-have little to no sensitivity

-last many years longer than a standard filling

-prevent further deterioration of the tooth and reduce the likelihood of re-treatment in the future.

-reduce the need for a root canals

-save you thousands of dollars in expensive future treatments

There are several reasons most dentists do not offer Biomimetic dentistry. One simple reason is that even though this approach has been around since the 1980’s, dental schools do not teach these methods and most dentists are unaware that there is a better way to help their patients.

The other reason is that Biomimetic dentistry requires extensive additional training of both doctor and staff. These procedures are also more difficult and time consuming for the doctor which means it’s more expensive and difficult to provide. Simply put, most dentists are either afraid they can not afford to offer this to their patients or they figure patients don’t know the difference, so why bother spending more time and money when standard dentistry is easier and more profitable.

For many dentists, spending additional time and effort to perform a procedure that will dramatically reduce the odds your patient will need more dentistry in the future seems like a poor business choice.

A biomimetic dentist has made the choice of putting your health and wellness as their top priority. They have taken the time and made the commitment to help you preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible and to restore it in a manner that lasts as long as possible. Our goal is to help you maintain your smile and avoid costly and painful dental work in the future.

I opened Deering Dental in Palmetto Bay with the mission of offering my patients the best care possible, without compromises. That mission has lead me to many classes and dental conferences all over the country to stay at the forefront of dental medicine. When I became aware of biomimetic dentistry, I dove deep into the scientific literature and became convinced that this is the best dentistry out there and the only type of dentistry I would want for myself. Offering anything less, goes against my ethical duty to you as my patient and stands in stark contrast to my mission of offering you the best care possible.


The history of biomimetic dentistry dates back to the 1950’s but it wasn’t until the 1980’s, that technology and materials developed that made modern biomimetic dentistry possible.

PS: To find out more, check out the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry, at  They have a great video that explains more about the benefits of biomimetic dentistry.


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