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Preventive Dental Care

Prevention is of utmost importance to our practice. Our focus is to keep your teeth healthy by finding areas of concern early before they become bigger issues. We accomplish this by utilizing the best materials and technology available today coupled with cutting edge techniques and oral hygiene coaching.


We utilize state of the art equipment and techniques to find decay before there is a problem. This includes Laser cavity detection, high resolution digital x-rays, Early gum disease detection and intra-oral cameras.

Cleanings and Periodontal therapy

Over time, dental plaque and stains build up on tooth surfaces, which may lead to harder deposits that are difficult for brushing and flossing to remove.  A substantial build-up of tartar creates an environment that harbors gum disease, and can lead to tooth decay, and loss of enamel from teeth. In-depth dental cleanings are one of the simplest preventative measures that can be utilized, and your Deering Dental team are happy to perform a gentle cleaning that will keep you healthy and add confidence to your smile.